Jose, Fellaini is just not a Manchester United player!

It was always going to be ‘the weekend’ for Manchester United. Many fans must have offered sacrifice to the sun god for a Liverpool loss and the almost certain United victory. United had made the 6th position their own in the last months. At a point ,a win or loss, irrespective of general scores would keep United stuck in their 6th heaven. So for the first time in a long while, a loss for another team would ensure United climb to 5th place, a move that actually happened. Sure it was short lived, but it happened.

Liverpool FC, just back from the African Cup of Nations struck twice to end the United dream of a few days not in 6th, but we are showing that we will be the team to stop over the coming weeks.

When the teamsheet was released and Martial was named to start, the orgasm was high among United fans. The much maligned striker, mainly by Jose, was starting a game again. A feature on the bench however, caught the eye; Marouane Fellaini. The Belgian seems to have been adopted by José as his go-get-it guy to the chagrin of the United faithful. The few on José’s side of the Fellaini crush have argued that he stabilises the side. However, there seem to be two completely different meanings of ‘stabilising’; the one clearly spelt out by English language and the one Fellaini offers José Mourinho and Manchester United. The said ‘stability’ was on display as Fellaini came on as a substitute for the one that offered actual stability, Juan Mata. Fellaini’s entrance into the game killed off United’s attack. The sly build up to attack that was on table for the duration of Mata’s stay on the field followed him to the United bench.

Remember the game that United needed stability and Marouane Fellaini came on to produce it? Neither do I. The former Everton henchman is not a bad player. No. Fellaini was for Everton everything he is not for Manchester United. Everton looked up to him for quality play. José Mourinho looks up to him to be at the end of long balls floated to the opponent’s goal area. I just can’t seem to forget in a hurry, games United were in the lead only for a just introduced Marouane to directly contribute to the opponent’s equaliser. Believe it or not, that is what come to the minds of United fans once they see him warming up on the sideline.

Anthony Martial showed he could still produce moments of magic as he assisted Juan Mata for the first and got the second himself.

As for Marouane Fellaini, José Mourinho should still be able to find a Chinese side willing to do a deal. These days, I pray he gets a red during those cameo appearances so he won’t at least be seen for a couple of games. It’s that bad. Whose fault? Surely not the players’. It’s José’s.