No Way Jose, it’s time to be ReUnited Part Three

You can catch up on Part One and Part Two here.

As you will remember from the introduction to this save, I have disabled the first transfer window budgets and therefore will be unable to bring in any new players until January at the earliest. This does not stop me, however, from sending the vast amount of scouts that I have at my disposal to the furthest parts of the world looking for world class talent. I want Man Utd to be dominant at all levels including the youth teams. The best players should have donned the famous red shirt at some point in the career.

I have a total of 33 scouts to provide me on reports on players, which seems like an excessive amount. The board seem to agree, however I will leave it as it is until they start moaning properly about it.

I start by clearing all the current assignments that they are under, this is my ship and I will run it how I see fit. Once they are all available, I start by sending the scouts to those countries who may not be well known for their football prowess. The reason for this is that the players will be less well known and therefore if we find a gem, they should be a lot cheaper than those more reputable countries. Also the feeling will be that we should be able to fly under the radar and find players that other clubs are yet to know about.

This includes, but not limited to, sending scouts to such places as Kosovo, Demark, Sweden, Czech, China and even Venezuela. As well as this I send scouts to places that Man Utd don’t have much scouting knowledge of yet, thus further broadening our horizons. The remaining scouts are sent to search the whole of every continent. I am leaving no stone unturned.

The best 3 scouts have been given specific positions to focus on, and are searching worldwide. This might take longer, but as I have until January anyway, I am sure that this will be the best decision. The positions that they are focusing on are Right Back, Left Back and Defensive Midfield. I choose to go for DM as it is likely that Schweinsteiger only has one season left here, and therefore will need to be replaced.

Throughout Preseason, I was provided with many scout reports of many players that would never cut the mustard at Old Trafford. Until, my scout told to look for Bastian’s replacement showed me Thiago Maia.

Thiago Maia

Although he is from Brazil, he looks to have flown under the radar slightly and has all the attributes that I need in a DM. He has a high determination stat, which should mean an improvement in his attributes with training. The media description of ‘Wonderkid’ is also what interests me. I will definitely be putting a bid in for this player in January.

Unfortunately, no one else of any note was recommended to me by my scouts during preseason, however once the season starts I will still be looking and will give updates on any gems that we find.

Join us for the next update where I will run through how pre season was for us in terms of results.