Arsenal vs Manchester United Player Ratings

De Gea- 6.5

Made an excellent save from Ramsey in the first half. Couldn’t do much for either of the goals, but was much more focused than some of his recent games.

Tuanzebe- 7

Brilliant league debut from the young defender, who isn’t a natural right-back. Thwarted Sanchez many times, and this display shows why many fans have eagerly waited to see him play more often.

Jones- 4.5

Poor in defending and poor in passing. Looked rusty following his injury and didn’t defend well for both goals.

Smalling- 5

Poor display from the English International. Lost his aerial battle as Welbeck scored the second. Couldn’t do much for the first goal though.

Darmian- 5

Below-par performance from the Italian, who didn’t contribute much both in defence or attack. The second goal was provided from his side and he should’ve done better.

Herrera- 5

Unusually anonymous in a two-man midfield. Nothing much came off for him, and the first goal wouldn’t have gone in were it not for his deflection. Hauled off in the second half.

Carrick- 5

Not at all at his usual best. Overrun in midfield and did not create many chances going forward. Slow in transition when United tried to come back into the match.

Rooney- 5.5

Was good in possession and passing, but wasted a couple of chances in the second half. Shot straight at Cech in the 31st minute when he could’ve scored. Arsenal fans yelled “Off to China” when he was in possession, and that possibility is looking more and more bright with each passing game.

Mkhitaryan- 5

Dreadful performance from the Armenian, who failed by being used in a defensive formation. Was mostly found in central midfield. Did not have any positive impact on the match.

Mata- 5

First game since his return from injury, and obviously looked off-pace. Was initially good in attack but grew invisible as the match went on.

Martial- 6

Was United’s liveliest player in the first half, but failed due to inadequate service. Looked better in attack but cheaply gave away the ball for Arsenal’s second goal.


Lingard (for Mkhitaryan)- 5

Ran a lot and tried creating spaces, but had no major impact on the match.

Rashford (for Herrera)- 5

Couldn’t do much apart from trying. Unsuccessful take-ons.

McTominay (for Mata) – 6

Decent debut, but gave very little glimpse of his talent as he came on pretty late.