The Worst XI – Vote for the right back!

We continue to select a Reader’s choice Worst XI at

After the Goalkeeper poll last week, this week we task you with selecting the worst No.2 in United history, and believe me for every Gary Neville, there has been a Guillermo Varela.

The nominees for the No.2 jersey in the Worst XI are:


Signed as a teenager, it was fair to say that Spector was never cut to play alongside world beaters at Old Trafford. Sir Alex never trusted him and preferred to play midfielders in his position even during an injury crisis. He stayed at Old Trafford for three years and made a measly eight appearances before being sold in 2006. FYI, he was scouted by United during a game in which he was a makeshift right-back. He started his career as a striker but performed well enough to earn a move to United.


If you do not perform well at Manchester United, that’s okay as you would come good at some club in the Championship or League One if not the Premier League. No, not Mike Clegg. The poor guy was just not cut out to be a football player let alone be one at United. The fact that he stayed on the United payroll for nine year years still boggles my mind. And he made just 24 appearances in the time. That’s just less than 2.5 games per year.


Mark Lynch joined United at 17 but did not really kick on from there. He made his debut against Deportivo La Coruna and he scored an own goal. He is probably at the other end of the Rashfordesque debut spectrum. Sir Alex never really gave him a second chance and he made just less than 100 appearances…over the course of his whole career.


David Moyes first signing at United. And like the man who brought him was a dud. He got a short run in the first team the previous campaign under Louis van Gaal but that was it. A couple of loan stints but it is fair to say he won’t make the cut at Old Trafford. Just last week, he was punished by his loan club Frankfurt for getting a tattoo despite club orders against it. Subsequently, it got infected and plans to extend his deal have been wrecked. Last I heard, he was planning legal action against Frankfurt. Would have been nice to see him show the same aggressiveness on the pitch. It would have been good to get him off United’s hands.