Magnificent Seven: Premier League Goals at Old Trafford

As we all know, for a die-hard United fan, Old Trafford isn’t just a normal place. The heavenly ground is our dream destination. And what makes it so special isn’t just the fact that it houses our super club, but also the many legendary memories it has witnessed over the years. This edition takes a look at the Best League Goals Ever Scored at Old Trafford, our fortress-

Rooney’s Screamer vs Newcastle (April 24,2005)

The then 19 year old scored a sumptuous volley against Newcastle United. One moment he was berating the ref, and moments later he unleashed a thunderous shot which gave Shay Given no chance. It was the comeback goal which led to a fightback 2-1 win owing to a late Wes Brown goal.

Hughes’ Cannon vs Sheffield Wednesday (March 16, 1994)

Mark Hughes scored a sensational half volley from 30 yards out. Extra points for the ball bouncing into the net from the underside of the crossbar. Extra points for the 5-0 mauling of their opponents of the day.

Ronaldo’s Rocket Against Portsmouth (January 30, 2008)

Yes. That Goal! The one that swerved so much that a keeper of David James’ calibre was left glued to his spot. That goal that would possibly go down as Ronaldo’s best ever goal for the club ever. That goal that ranks high in the list of best ever free kicks in the Premier League.

Cole’s Scissors vs Leicester City (November 6, 1999)

Andrew Cole scored a sublime goal off Solskjaer’ headed long ball, which took everyone by surprise. The goal, which flew into Tim Flowers’ net via the inside of the post, was a beautiful amalgamation of a scissor kick and a bicycle kick.

Van Persie’s ‘Bulls Eye’ Volley vs Aston Villa (April 22, 2013)

Van Persie’s best ever career goal and probably one of the best ever volleyed goals in the modern era, the strike was a beauty to behold. Rooney’s perfectly timed long ball was so easily struck by Van Persie’s boot that he didn’t even require a second touch to sink misery on Aston Villa.

Cantona’s Royal Chip vs Sunderland (December 21, 1996)

Whenever you talk of the King Eric there’s no chance you don’t recall THIS goal. The goal that is now his signature, a pinpoint chip that went just under the bar, followed by a majestic slow motion turn to confirm to the stands that you may now bow to the King, would go down in the history as one of his best ever goals at Old Trafford.

Rooney’s Magic vs Manchester City (February 12, 2011)

Another Rooney goal in the list, this one officially won the poll conducted by the club on reaching 1000 Premier League Goals. Any praise of this strike would probably not be enough. The swerving cross by Nani, sweetly struck by Rooney’s bicycle kick and his iconic celebration at the end- everything was damn perfect. And on top of that, it was the winner in the Manchester Derby. Well, that was the least you could expect after this strike, right?


Which was your Best Ever Premier League Goal at Old Trafford?

Rooney vs Newcastle United 2005
Hughes vs Sheffield Wednesday 1994
Ronaldo vs Portsmouth
Cole vs Leicester City 1999
Van Persie vs Aston Villa 2013
Cantona vs Sunderland 1996
Rooney vs Manchester City 2011

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