Woodward And His Magic Hat

While players, coaches and even football supporters, have the summer time to recharge the batteries after a long season, Manchester United’s vice chairman, Ed Woodward, is working his way through till August, hunting down new talent for the coming season.

Jose Mourinho has said that he had given Woodward his transfer targets back before the final month of the season. Mourinho is on holiday, although how much of a holiday an elite club manager can actually have is anyone’s guess. Jose had given Woodward his list and expects the players signed and ready for pre season training on July 8th.

United will fly off to America for their pre season camp a day after reporting back to Carrington. A chance for the clubs sponsors to see the team in which they push so much money towards. American based owners means United will spend most of their summer weeks in the USA. Matches against Manchester City, Barcelona and Real Madrid, enough to keep the fans happy on the other side of the globe. With United heading off so far and wide, it’s a wonder the players aren’t already tired by the time the opening game starts at home to West Ham.

Once finished in the States, United jet off to Dublin, to complete there whirlwind warm up. Mourinho hopes that by this time, as well as new signing Victor Lindelof, there are some more new faces in the door. Depending on which media outlets you read, different names begin to arrive on the horizon. Griezmann came and went, Ronaldo is the latest carrot being dangled in front of Woodward, although United will not be making any moves just yet as they won’t want to be letting other targets slip through the net.

Eric Dier, Nemanja Matic, Ivan Perisic and Alvaro Morata are all players who are the constant names linked with United. Woodward has already managed to persuade Real Madrid to part with one of their prize assets before. Angel Di Maria had previously been voted the man of the match during the Champions League Final of 2014. His attempt at winning a bigger contract backfired and United were waiting to pounce. Morata is not one of the Galacticos at present, struggling to get game time ahead of Benzema, although his strike rate is brilliant. Madrid’s second highest scorer this season behind Ronaldo.

Many United fans are not too keen on the arrivals of messers Dier and Matic. Some even saying that Fellaini could do a similar job as Matic. The fact that Eric Dier can play both centre back and holding midfield is obviously a plus but with Spurs reportedly holding out for around £50million, I would expect that deal to be put on the back burner. Inter Milan seem to be dragging their heels over a larger fee for Perisic. United want the deal to be done for around the £30-£35million mark whereas Inter are looking at around £50million.

Woodward has the wish list from Mourinho. The window is still officially yet to open but the rumour mill is in full flow. Can Woodward pull a few rabbits out of the hat? Or will Mourinho have to make do with just Lindelof. If your reading this Ed, back to work now please.