Jose sets a target, Tony’s staying and United signed a Genius!


Manchester United are reportedly considering an appeal against Phil Jones’ ban in European competitions. Jones was banned for verbally abusing a doping officer in the aftermath of the Europa League Final victory. Mourinho revealed that he considered the decision by the UEFA to be unfair but insisted that he decision to appeal will be made after considering Jones’ position.

Mourinho said: “”I would, if I was him I would. Because I think it’s quite unfair. But when you do that you have the risk of even more punishment. I don’t know, it’s a decision I leave with him.  He wins a European cup, he wants to celebrate with his team, he wants to get the cup, he wants to get the medal, he wants to be in the pictures, and one doctor wants to close him in a small room because of the doping control. I think it’s very hard to control a player in this situation and UEFA should take that into consideration.”


For not the first time this summer, Anthony Martial was linked with an Old Trafford exit. But after the player himself refuted speculation earlier on, this time Mourinho gunned down questions from the media. Martial was reportedly asked in exchange of Perisic by Inter Milan. Mourinho said: “‘Lukaku, Martial, Rashford – they are all different players and we need everybody. It’s going to be good, to be funny, to choose the team for every match according to the plan or the opponent. So the squad is good.”


Nemanja Matic played 45 minutes in United’s 2-1 victory over Sampdoria last night. The Serbian was solid in the half he played and as predicted by most, was effective in freeing up Paul Pogba from defensive work. Mourinho hailed the impressive debut and labelled Matic as a genius. He said: “This is Matic. In my opinion, to play simple in that position is genius, and he’s a genius because he makes everything so simple, the team runs, the ball runs, he’s fantastic in his position.”


Jose Mourinho revealed that he was happy to have got three of the four players he wanted at the start of the transfer window. But Jose asserted that he would be even happier should the fourth arrive before the transfer window shuts. Mourinho said: “So the squad is good and, as I told a few months ago, I was hoping for four players to improve the squad and the club did a fantastic job, absolutely fantastic, by getting three of them, which is difficult in the crazy market where we are now. To get three out of four, I thank the club for that. I would be happier if they gave me four of four but they did a great effort for me.”


Jose Mourinho has done his bit to help free up Paul Pogba by completing the signing of Nemanja Matic. After coming in for criticism for not scoring enough goals last season, Pogba has been set a target by Mourinho for the coming campaign. Mourinho revealed that he wants Pogba to score 15 goals. And with the pressure of being the World’s most expensive set to be off the Frenchman’s back coupled with Matic’s arrival, we may see Pogba become the legitimate goalscoring threat the he was expected to be.