Sky Sports pundit claims Manchester United midfielder is the best in the league

Tony Gale claims Nemanja Matic is the best midfielder in the league

Manchester United have been battling with Manchester City at the top of the table this term as their rivalry goes to another level with both clubs currently a step above the other sides in the league. However, one area in which Tony Gale believes United are definitely better than City is through midfielder Nemanja Matic. He told Sky Sports: “I’ll go for Matic because simply he’s made the biggest difference. Obviously, there are more creative central midfield players around and everybody will go to the flare ones. But in terms of the importance to Manchester United, he’s the one for me. And believe it or not, although he does give that defensive solidity to them in front of the back four, he can see a pass as well”.

Cesc Fabregas finally admits to throwing a pizza at Sir Alex Ferguson in the ‘Battle of the Buffet’

Cesc Fabregas has finally admitted that he was the one that threw a slice of pizza that hit Manchester United manager, Sir Alex Ferguson. The incident happened in 2004 as United beat Arsenal 2-0 to bring the Gunners’ 49-game unbeaten run to an end which was followed by an altercation between a number of players in the tunnel. Fabregas admitted on an upcoming episode of Sky’s ‘A League Of Their Own’: “I was like, I want to get in but I don’t know how to and I threw… peeew… just threw it. Once I saw it was hitting, like, who it was hitting, which I didn’t mean…I apologise Sir Alex, really didn’t mean to do that”.

Thierry Henry claims Anthony Martial can become world class

Former-Arsenal star Thierry Henry has claimed that Manchester United’s Anthony Martial can become world class and is actually better than he was at the age of 21. He said: “Anthony Martial is a far better player than I was at that age. He can become a world class player”. Martial has been locked in an enthralling battle with Marcus Rashford recently as the two jostle for the same position in Jose Mourinho’s team. While opinion is very much split on the two, Henry has given his backing to his fellow countryman.

Mourinho gives his verdict on United’s strong start

Jose Mourinho has been talking about his views on United’s very strong start to the season. Following six wins and a draw, Mourinho’s men sit level on points with Manchester City at the top as they grow more confident with each passing week. He said: “In another league it could be said that a team that starts with seven wins and a draw would almost mean the title, but in England it doesn’t mean anything, not even that we will finish in the first four places”.