Jamie Carragher questions Jose Mourinho’s tactics and Lukaku avoids FA Punishment

Jamie Carragher questions Jose Mourinho’s tactics

Jose Mourinho’s Manchester United side battled to a 0-0 draw on Saturday as he kept the side’s unbeaten record alive. The draw saw United lose ground on Manchester City at the top, and it has thrown up some questions about the way his team plays against the top sides in the league. Former Liverpool defender Jamie Carragher was one that questioned his tactics, with United’s poor form against the top sides questionable, and he said on Sky Sports’ Monday Night Football: “First of all I should say I had no problem whatsoever with what Jose Mourinho did. He’s always done it and I expected it before the game…I think the criticism will be saved until the end of the season if results in big away games don’t improve and it costs Manchester United the title”.

Romelu Lukaku will not face FA action over alleged stamp

The FA will not be pressing charges against Lukaku over an alleged stamp on Dejan Lovren which occurred in Saturday’s Premier League showdown with Liverpool. The 0-0 draw passed with little intrigue football-wise, but there was some outrage as the striker seemed to step on Lovren following their battle for the ball. While some did question whether it was a stamp, the FA clearly feel there is no course for action. Lukaku struggled massively in the game as he became an isolated figure and despite scoring 11 goals for United so far, his record against the top sides has once again been called into question, with the Belgian striker unable to have any impact on the game.

Dejan Lovren claims Lukaku stamp was on purpose

While the FA has cleared Romelu Lukaku of any wrongdoing with regard to his alleged stamp on Dejan Lovren, the Liverpool defender has claimed that the striker did it on purpose. Lovren said: “My honest view is that he did it on purpose. He was over me, he could have moved away. Even if he did it normally he would apologise after that, but I saw he was nervous during the game so maybe that was also the reason” and when he was asked whether he was disappointed that Lukaku had been cleared by the FA, he said: “This is not my decision. I cannot say I am disappointed but it is what it is. We need to move on. That is football, part of the game”.