Spurs 2 – 0 United Player Ratings – Look Away Now! Absolute Horror Show

David De Gea – 5

Made some saves but nothing spectacular. Actually had little to do other than watch an absolute shocking performance from those in front of him. Had no chance with either goal.

Antonio Valencia – 5

Best of a bad bunch. Got forward well first half but had very little cover all game and got deeper and deeper as the game went on.

Phil Jones – 2

Terrible. Why he didn’t use his left foot for the own goal is beyond me. He is a professional footballer and that should come naturally to him. Beaten in the air for the first goal too. Never recovered and looked lost all game as Kane bullied him. Lucky to only concede 2.

Chris Smalling – 2

Diabolical performance from the Jekyl and Hyde of football. Can put in some masterful performances but couldn’t do anything right at Wembley. Looked slow, couldn’t pass and didn’t offer himself for a pass. He and Jones made Lindelof and Rojo’s performance at Yeovil look like Ferdinand and Vidic.

Ashley Young – 3

Still unbelievable how he is selected ahead of Shaw. Surely after this performance Shaw will be reinstated but Mourinho may have completely knocked his confidence. Out of position for both goals and another who had no idea what he was doing defensively against the runners of Spurs.

Nemanja Matic – 5

Gave Jones and Smalling very little cover but to be fair he had no one helping him in midfield. Looked slow and his passing was nervous, but he was probably wondering which one of the Spurs midfielders to mark. Completely bamboozled.

Paul Pogba – 2

For someone who cost £90 million you would think he would be played in his best position. He has never been able to play in a 2 and especially against a side who get forward as well as Spurs. Had no interest in marking anyone and left Matic completely isolated. Finally hooked second half for what was surely his worst performance in a United shirt. Given a lesson from Dembele.

Jesse Lingard – 5

Some bright spells first half but gradually drifted out of the game. Shifted to the right side second half and eventually brought off. As Spurs started to dominate he was a non entity but by no means United’s worst player.

Alexis Sanchez – 6

Probably United’s best player but wasn’t particularly good. At least he showed good energy and intent to make something happen but was on his own on a nightmare Premier League debut for his new club. Interestingly moved from the left to central second half, suggesting Mourinho does not know where to play him.

Anthony Martial – 5

Sadly but inevitably moves out to the right to accommodate Sanchez. Should never have been and seems to affect his confidence. Moved back to the left side second half and kept trying but nothing came off for him. Hopefully Mourinho realises he should always start on the left but then where does Sanchez play?

Romelu Lukaku – 3

Once again will be picked up for not turning up against the top sides and on this showing can have no complaints. Hold up play was poor and looked half the man of recent weeks. It’s becoming a big problem and almost looks to be playing on his mind when ever these games come about.


Marouane Fellaini – No Score

Played 8 minutes before being taken back off. Whether injury or because Mourinho had enough is yet to be seen but cannot score based on 8 minutes of football.

Juan Mata – 5

Probably brought on to try and bring some calm to the game but the game was long gone before he arrived. Had no real impact but didn’t do anything wrong.

Ander Herrera – No score

On for Fellaini and had nothing to do but to chase the Spurs shadows. He should have started to deal with the Spurs runners.