Time to lift shroud of secrecy to reveal United’s new recruits

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Is the summer over yet? Now obviously I don’t mean that but a summer in which there is no major tournament ( nations league excluded as no one actually knows what it does! ) , can tend to drag on a little bit.

In just under two weeks, the fixtures for the coming season will be released. The ‘super computer’ will randomly choose the 38 games in which a team will play over the course of the 2019/20 campaign. A system so random that we end up with derby Sunday’s and other big double headers which seem to magically spring up.

Despite their being not a lot to watch during the off season, Manchester United are playing their cards very close to their chest in the terms of buying and selling. The papers, social media outlets and radio station rumours, on the other hand, are running wild with the believeability of a man who is heading to the market to trade some beans for a cow.

United have pretty much been linked with every player under the sun, and even some under the moon. You literally can’t turn on Sky Sports News or scroll through Twitter with out seeing such nonsense. Last week two separate media outlets tweeted about the same story. One reported that Juan Mata is to be released from MUFC in the coming days yet the other stated that Mata was hours away from agreeing a new deal. It’s farcical.

A lot of these reporters or journalists, are getting paid top top money, to write about these stories and quite frankly I believe most of them are written after reading a tweet or comment on a social media site and taking that as gospel. Until a player has arrived at Carrington and is holding aloft the scarf and shirt, then believe nothing.

The fixture release used to be a good day. The sign of a new dawn. When are we playing Liverpool home and away, how about City? Who do we have first and last? Where are we on Boxing Day? But to be honest, with the squad the way it is at the moment, fractured and lacking in any sort of harmonious wellbeing, it’s hard to want to get excited by it all again.

The fact that we are so far behind Manchester City, Liverpool and maybe even Tottenham is frightening. Hopefully with a few ins and outs over the Summer, the fans can start to get back behind the team. A lot of frustrated reds are taking to social media to vent their anger.

Let’s hope that Ole and Ed get the ball rolling sooner rather then later.

Ole’s at the wheel.

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